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oOo Hello...I see you have come to visit us here at the pond...we are very glad you have come...please pull up a life preserver and we will tell you some stories...they are sure to make you laugh...enjoy oOo

Updated 02.16.03
Great Comebacks
New Rules of Employment
101 Easy Ways to Say "No"
50 Fun Things to do at the Movies
Accident Report Form
Actual Headlines
Airplane Antics
Fun Things for Professors to Do
Fun Things to Do in an Elevator
Fun Things to Do at Wal-Mart
Fun Ways to Order a Pizza
Fun With a Wrong Number
Funny Bumper Stickers
Funny Bumper Stickers II
Funny English Notices from Around the World
Funny Medical Form Errors
Hillbilly Driver's License Application
How to Have Fun While Driving
How to Have Fun While Driving II
How to Tell if You're Getting Old
Letters to Landlords
The Irate Customer
The Poopie List
Things You'll Never Hear a Dad Say
Things We Wouldn't Know if Not for Movies
Tips for Being a Successful Evil Overlord
Tips for Driving in Metro Detroit
Ways to be Annoying
Ways to be Annoying at a Funeral
Ways to be Annoying in a Public Bathroom
Ways to be Annoying at a Restaurant
Ways to Confuse your Roomate
Ways to Get Back at Telemarketers
Ways to Get Revenge
You Know You're a Mom When...
You Know You're a Redneck...
You Know You're an 80's Child...
You Know You've got PMS...


25 Lines from Star Wars That Are Improved by Substituting the Word "Underpants"
Star Wars Toys that Failed Miserably
What If Starfleet Used Windows?
Top Ten Classes at Starfleet Academy
Top Ten April Fool's Day Jokes on the Enterprise-D
Things You'll Never Hear on Star Trek

And here are some links to other FUN pages!
*warning* some pages below contain adult content*

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