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Top Ten April Fool's Jokes on the Enterprise- D

10. Everybody act like Riker is the Captain.

9. Pretend you've been taken over by an alien being.

8. Program the replicator in Troi's room so it doesn't make chocolate.

7. Replay file tape of Borg ship on the main viewscreen.

6. Tell Data that Starfleet has decided to dismantle him.

5. Put a small speaker in Dr. Crusher's room to play garbled voices.

4. Lock Picard in a schoolroom with several small children and no adults.

3. Substitute some of Dr. Crusher's moss with moss showing 24 hours more growth.

2. Put a sign on Worf's back that says ‘Kick Me'.

And the Number One April Fool's Joke:

1. Yell into your communicator, "Captain! The antimatter containment fields are collapsing!"