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How to be Annoying at a Restaurant

Pretend to be a foreigner and use broken english to order your food. Use the wrong words for everything (Example: "Yes, hello, I would alike some uh oh thems hot cats with tunabutter and uhh some of the uh crackcocaine.)
When the waitress comes to your table with the drinks you ordered, jump to get yours while knocking over all of the other drinks spilling water everywhere.
Drop your fork onto the floor beside you. Then bend down to try to get it but hit your knee on the underside of the table with your head very close to the table to try to get the effect that you bent down fast to pic up your spoon and you slammed you head on the table.
Cough at people with a mean look.
At a fancy restaurant and chew your ice very loudly with your mouth open. Try to get pieces of ice to fly out onto the table.
Go into a fancy restaurant and pretend you just got back from the dentist and he had just given you tons of Novocain.
Leave fake dog poop in the seat.
Flirt with a waiter of the same sex and try to get extra food.
Take off your shoes and put them on the table neatly beside you.
Order your food and then change your mind over and over and over again until you get kicked out.
Say "Man this looks exactly like a chicken's head!!!".
Walk out of the bathroom and say "Man its smells FRESH out here!!!!!"
Walk out of the bathroom and say "Man that was a STRUGGLE!!"
Order the most expensive thing on the menu and send it to someone on the other side of the room saying, "They are to shy to order themselves, just put it on their bill."
Order wine (if you're of age) and smell the inside of the bottle after it is opened and say, "Is there any POOP in this? Sure smells like it..."
Order: "Your most expensive meal, stuffed with your 2nd most expensive meal" (This will likely be something like "steak stuffed with tacos" )
Go to a nice restaurant and sit down at a table alone and when the waitress comes to take your order lean back in your chair and just fall back and take the table cloth with you. Then get up and ask for a different chair because you think the one you sat in was defective.