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Word of the Day:
Succinct: brief; concise.
Well Happy Summer all ye who visit here! Hot weather has finally arrived in my neck of the woods, after several weeks of chilly, rainy skies. We're celebrating this new found heat wave by putting in a swimming pool! AWESOME! I have been promised a swimming pool every summer for the past 10 summers we've lived here, and now that I am totally out of high school where it would have been useful, they put one in. Oh well. More room in the pool for me :) Anyway, nothing new here. I don't know, usually when I get in these moods to make a big change to the place I get tired halfway done and quit. LOL. Lazy days of summer and all! Plus I will be busy now swimming so who knows what will get done around here. Take a look around and sign the guestbook if ye please!
Erf. Long day. Spring break, pitiful 5 days that it was, is over. I had to go back to class this morning and I am Tired. Then I went out to the mall and quit my job. That was good times. Still have three days left on the schedule, don't you think those will be tension filled. Yes, they will. My computer is on the fritz. And it's cold out. Tomorrow will be a better day though I think. Only one class and it's supposed to be warm too. And sunny. Man there seem to be a lot of periods in this paragraph. Check it out, there are 14 of them up there. Well I am going now, this conversation is boring. Only a few things that are important so I want you to pay attention. Here you go, bold and numbered for easy memorization.
1. Watch the t.v. show Charmed it is awesome. On TNT every weekday at 9am and 6pm and Tuesday nights at 10pm. And sunday nights at 8pm on the WB. It's on so much, there's really no excuse not to fit it into your schedule. And if you find yourself away from the t.v. (or sleeping - who gets up at 9am anyway) just buy some good blank tapes and set your VCR to record them, then you can watch at your leisure. That's what I do. Then you can rewind at the funny parts and fast forward through the pesky commercials.
2. Take down any Christmas decorations that may still be adorning your house. It is April now and that is ridiculous. If you think I am joking, as I look out the window on March 31st the neighbors in the subdivision across from my window Still Have Their Christmas Decorations Up. And they are UGLY, tacky, red plastic bows, you can imagine after 4 months of weathered abuse they are looking pretty nasty. I tried to take a picture of them today but the digital camera has no zoom on it and I was too tired to walk all the way over there to take a picture.
3.Sign my guestbook.You are only doing yourself a favor. If you sign it, then I feel obligated to come and visit your webpage, thus increasing your traffic by at least one. Then, when other people come here, they sign my guestbook and see your site, then they click there and your traffic is increased again. Magical!
4. Feel free to send me money I do accept paypal, if you have money just lying around, you can go ahead and send it over to me and I will take it. And I promise to devote more than .2% of your money to the betterment of this webpage. So that means if you send me $1,000 then I will have plenty of money to go out and buy some new graphics program that will enable me to create more purdy purdy graphics for these here pages. I will soon be unemployed and need all the money I can get. And, if you're one of those silly people who feels the need to get something for your money, you can go over to ebay and buy something of mine. Then you will send me money and I'll send you a trinket of your choice. Sounds like a plan! Unless of course you are outside the U.S. then you just have to send me money for nothing. And just so you know Canada is not part of the U.S. Neither is Hong Kong. People please.
5. Come over to my house and pick up the post-it notes I just dropped on the floor. Like I said, I've had a long day and I'm tired. It's taking up all my energy to sit here and type, as well as eat Starbursts and fold the little wrappers up into a necklace. Wish you had a starburst necklace? Well, maybe some day I will consider putting up a detailed explanation along with pictures up here so you can learn. Send me 20 bucks and I'll make one for you. Otherwise, admire mine. Whenever I get it done and take a picture. Too tired now, camera's all the way in the other room. Er, by the way, has anyone out there been able to replicate the unwrapping inside the mouth that they show on the commercial? Seems like a good way to choke to me.
I hope you have paid attention, this will be on the exam.
Hmm, nothing much new on the site, just changed the music on this page. I am thinking up some things though, I don't know when I will get them put up. I will find something, it will be fun. Just wait.

New *cute* Easter-themed graphics sets are up now for you to use on your websites, check them out!!

Tra la la, not much new today, I got an AWARD though. Click there if you want to see it. I am enjoying my sunny spring break here in Ohio. My little desk thermometer says it is 78.6 F outside but I think that is a little bit of a stretch. I think I need to get a little sun shield for the thing that I stick out the window. Sometimes it seems that the sun has gone nova because the thing occasionally says it is 158 F outside, and I think that would be a little damaging to something. Well this is a nice ramble. Er, anyway, check out all the stuff on the site, then go tell your friends. Bye bye!!

New! 3.22.03
Ugh, I have a headache. Worked today, bosses busting a gut about getting accounts opened at our store. No one would get one from me. Exciting news on the page front, 5 new ring tones were added today! I got out some old music books and typed away so you all have fun with those. Tomorrow I get to fold denim or something. I don't even know. Woopde doo. Tell your friends you were here. Win a free nothing. Uh, you could apply for my award too. They're all very pretty. Wellbye.

Oh, P.S. What does an eskimo keep his home together with?
Well, isn't it nice that I awoke today to see, on my first day of spring break, a beautiful cloud filled sky, chilly temperatures, and tiny drops of rain cascading down upon the earth? NO! It wasn't nice at all!! And on a side note, it is March 21, and as I sit looking out my window, the neighbors across the way still have their Christmas decorations up on the outside of their house. I cannot believe that they haven't had the chance to get them down. I mean, they don't have to be like my mom and take them down on December 26, but I do think that 3 months is a little excessive. Anyone else have thoughts?
Happy First Day of Spring!! I am so glad Spring is finally here. Now that clock in the kitchen will finally be right again soon with daylight savings time. Cool! Welp, nothing new here on the page, but today offically marks the beginning of Spring Break so I will have a little time here to put some things up. I don't know what exactly, but something. Maybe. Anyway, kitty pictures are the newest thing.

3.19.03 8:31pm

I included the time in the above just because it is 31 minutes past the deadline and I have been continuously refreshing google's news page for the past three days. And I see also that Bush wants to drill for oil in Alaska's wildlife reserve. *frown* I want to support the President, I want to be a "Good American" but I really don't see why we need to destroy a wildlife reserve to get a little more oil. I wish we could devote that money to finding a cleaner way to travel in the first place. Come on science!! You mean to tell me that you can make a computer the size of a watch and travel into space, but you cannot improve on a engine that was developed over 100 years ago? I also read somewhere that the reason France is not supporting the war is because Saddam is not an immediate threat and should not be dealt with immediatly. Well don't you think that is a limp reason? If Bush and co think that Saddam could someday pose a threat, why on earth would they want to wait until they find out he has nukes on the way over here to act? I guess keeping him in control now is better than finding ourselves in trouble in the future. And I have just one thing to say to all these rock stars (SHERYL CROW) and movie stars (BARBRA) that just because you are famous, why do you think you know about politics? Better yet, why do you think people should care what you think about politics? We care about you when you are entertaining us in your craft, not when you are protesting the government. Don't abuse your positions in the media to impose your beliefs on us. You will find yourselves losing fans by huge numbers that way, and then you will find yourself with no audience for your views. I was sorry to see the Dixie Chicks are making anti-war comments, I had hoped they had more class than that, but I guess everyone is entitled to their opinions, and she has apologized. Anyway, if you came here looking for a lighthearted distraction from all the war talk, jump right to the "Pond" section where there are lots of things to make you laugh. And I will be uploading some pictures of my little kitty I got for my birthday here so you can look at those too. There's a picture of my foot in there too!! Check out those nails ;) Until next time....

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I hope you are all getting your fill of green beer! Remember, eating pretzels and peanuts makes you thirsty, so keep that pitcher handy :) Today's word of the Day is supercilious, which will be fun to call someone and they won't know what it means. I like to have my insults fly right over the heads of the people they're directed toward!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm an evil little leprechan!!

Well today was the last day of class for winter quarter, finals are next week and then one whole glorious week of Spring Break, spent here in sunny Ohio where the temperature is currently 38.3 according to my thermometer, alternating between going to work and lying around the house. I can hardly wait!!! Anyway, nothing much new on the site, maybe you should visit the forest page, it appears some activity is going on there. Who knows what will happen?

Happy first of March! Spring is coming soon! I can hardly wait to get rid of all this snow.
Tra la la, if you happened to have been here earlier today and then came back (which frankly I doubt you did) you would have seen a very different page. It was red and black for like an hour but then I changed it back. I think I like this the best. It's me. Anyway, enjoy the Spring-y garden, I am hoping it will induce real spring to come! Also I think the "Forest" page is going to get taken down or changed, I think I have infringed the copyright of those chicken soup for the soul books long enough lol. And please sign the book at the bottom to let me know you were here!!
Also, you have noticed the words of the day at the top of the page. Today's words are Courtesy & Manners. I have picked them for a reason. It seems that no one I know has any of either. And I am not talking about high society, prissy pants manners either, just common everyday manners and courtesy. For example: If someone calls you, and asks you to call them back, just call them back. It's really not that hard. AND, if you say you are going to call someone, call them. Don't break dates for no reason, and if you must, CALL the person and tell them you're not going to show up. So they don't sit there for hours wondering what is going on. And when you are driving, DON'T tailgate people. Especially don't tailgate the person right in front of you when it is the person in front of THEM that is going slow. What is the second person supposed to do about? Rear-end the first so YOU can get somewhere faster? I don't think so. < /end rant >

How's it doing there liddle buddies? Sometimes I feel like I could just write nonsense here and it wouldn't matter since I have no idea if anyone ever reads what is on this site or not. I should write something totally crazed and see if anyone responds in some way. Usually I am pretty good at writing things that make people laugh, I wish I could think of something now. Perhaps by the end of the paragraph. First, since you're here, and certainly have nothing better to do, why not learn a little about me? YAY!! Just what you wanted, right? And since this page is rapidly filling up with links, I won't even make you click somewhere else for it, I will put it right here. So here goes.
The Art of being Me: (I stole this from the WB website, hope I don't get sued)
Favorite Things: Watching TV, I have been a tv junkie as long as I can remember. And I get really into it too, when I was younger and into Days of Our Lives, I would yell at the tv "OH NO Austin, don't fall for it!! Sammie is no good for you!! You must come to Ohio and marry me instead!!" That never worked out, sadly. Currently I am obsessed with ER, although its appeal is fading what with all the good stars gone or leaving. When Carter goes I think that will be the death of ER. Also at the top of my list is Charmed. Such a cool show, those girls are too cool for words and someday I hope I can be a tv diva like them! Community Theater, here I come (well you gotta start somewhere). Anyone out there in Ohio looking for a cute little blond for their next movie or tv show, please email me! Wow wouldn't it be magical if this plea was answered? Aside from watching tv, I love to eat. And, I know what you are thinking, I do not weigh 400 pounds. Actually I am quite thin. I love to eat pizza, all the time I could eat it. And jello. Mixing jello with cool whip creates the most wonderful dessert you can imagine and I could live off of pizza and jello all my life.
When I am not watching tv or stuffing my face, you will find me either at school or at work. I am a sophomore in college where I am studying to become a second grade teacher. I started out as a business major but decided I absolutely hated economics and accounting, so there went that plan. So I have some hefty electives for Early Childhood Ed, don't you think? Anyhoo, I am planning on getting into some education classes next quarter so hopefully that will be something I like. I don't want to be working at my current job for the rest of my life, that's for sure. It's retail. Anyone who has worked retail knows what I mean. In a mall, in a clothing store. It's straighten, straighten, straighten for hours on end, or else it is insane cashiering for hours until you can no longer count change correctly and you think your brain might just have went out in one of those sacks...(if only you knew which one it was) Yeah I definitely want to be moving away from there. But I have met a lot of nice people there and I like the ones I work with :) I like my bosses too, (all 5 of them plus 3 supervisors) they are cool.
Hmm...what else? I promised to write something funny down here. I LIED!!! Hahahaha!!!! Most of my humor is physical humor, face making and what not. I should dig out the digital camera and take a picture of me making a face and then you could laugh. But I am too tired to get up. If I got some feedback it might be incentive to put something like that up. And no, fifty emails does not mean I will be naked. Dirty minds!! Well, enough of this rambling, get on to the funny lists, that's what you came here for. Go now. Enjoy.

As you can see, the garden has taken on a decidely winter feel. That's because I'm still buried here in the snow. Nothing much else has changed today except for the graphics, but still lots of great content to be found here. Enjoy your browsing and please sign the guestbook!
Hey again everyone! So glad you could stop by! I am trapped here, in my home over the weekend since the east coast has been hit by this monster snow storm! Level three snow emergency and all! So I guess I will tool around with my little website for a while this afternoon as it doesn't look like I am going to get out any time today and maybe even tomorrow!! Oh, and for a little nostalgia, check out my old webpage, the first one I ever made, by clicking here! Oh lalala there is an old picture of me on there...

Update: there is a new page in town, if you want to get some ringtones for your phone, click here. There are only two at the moment but more will be on the way once I get them integrated. Enjoy :)
Update 2: After what, years? The Forest page finally has up and working graphics. Nothing too fancy, but it looks a lot better than those little red x's that were there before. Enjoy!
Um, nothing new on the site this week, it's finals week and I have been really busy. Soon I will be on Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's Break and then maybe I will find some time to update here. In between all of my holiday crafts and baking that is.


All the side links on the forest page have been fixed, music has been added. I am thinking of making up a christmas page here in the future, along with my kitty page. I need something different though, something unique!! So many things have already been done, how will I find something unique?? Oh DISPAIR!!!!

Hmm... I have noticed that none of the graphics on the "Forest" page work, and all the links on the side panel are wrong. I will be uploading the graphics this weekend, as I have to go home and get them off my CD, so for now it's just plain green. I'll also be going through and eliminating the extra /forest/ cue in the address so the side navigation will work. Man, that has been messed up for a long time, and no one noticed. I guess that just shows me where I rate in the big scheme of things, huh? People have better things to do than come to my webpage. Well that's just FINE and DANDY with me!
On a side note: I got a kitty for my birthday, and someday maybe I will make up a little page about him you can view. His name is Tigger and he's a little rascal. Pictures coming forth in the next few weeks.

Well hello again my little ones! Here it is, November, and I have not updated this page in 5 months! What has happened to my little baby? I really truly am going, right this minute, to put a guestbook up that works. Please sign it after I went to all this work! I am going to tool around a little more on this puppy today. Being in college now means I don't have a terrible amount of free time to devote but I will do something new here soon. Keep checking back, akay? I fixed the music! Hooray for sound! If you have never been here before, do not miss the beef of this page, namely those funny lists located in the "pond" section. You will laugh, I promise. Also, there are some really cute inspirational stories found in the "forest". Look at them, send one to your mom, she might send you back some money for being such a thoughtful kid. Try it!! Oh yeah, here's a page with absolutely no point to it... yet
P.S. Only 9 more days until my birthday!!

Send me birthday greetings here

Well I got a little bored so I decided, "hey, why not mess with the old webpage?" Maybe I'll change it all around or something. Some new graphics would be nice. And a guestbook that works would be great too. Well stay tuned you might see a big change around here soon. However, with my history of lack-luster performance and my skill at distraction, it may remain exactly as it is now! Hoorah for indecision and laziness!!

Updates! I have added two new lists to the pond section, they are pretty funny, you'll definitely want to check those out. Please sign my guestbook if you're visiting! Hope you enjoy your trip through my garden :)

Well well well it certainly has been a long time since this page was updated! I have been so incredibly busy in life since I graduated that I have had zero time to work on it. Hopefully I will be able to set aside a little time here and there to keep this place updated, I am going to start now and fix those broken links, and then we'll see what I can get into from there. Stay tuned and thank you for visiting!
Hello everybody! I have been REALLY REALLY busy lately and I haven't had any time to update my page! I'll probably have some free time coming up soon but I just got a job and so I'll be spending a lot of time there.

Previous Words of the Day:
Supercilious: Haughtily contemptuous, arrogant
Exigency: state of requiring immediate action; also, an urgent situation; also, that which is required in a particular situation
Expropriate: to deprive of possession; also, to transfer (another's property) to oneself.

Sapient: wise; sage; discerning.
Querulous: habitually complaining.