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Yes. This is a hate page. I hate Semi Trucks. I hate Semi Truck drivers. I hate people who cater to Semi Truck drivers. I hate Truck Stops. Why? Why do I hate Semis so much? Let me just tell you why.
*** UPDATE 2.20.04 ***

I have solved the problem of the illegal and annoying U-turns!!
After having two separate trucks turning and getting stuck, I got fed up and went on an internet search for the people responsible for this road. I found the ODOT webpage, and fired off this email on February 10. (Anything in paraenthesis is where I have removed someone's last name.)
At the intersection of Rt. 797 and Rt. 40 in Zanesville there is a continuous problem with semis. They attempt an illegal U-Turn (which is clearly marked by TWO signs), and then get stuck, blocking off both lanes of traffic. Why won't you put up a guard rail or other sturdy barrier to prevent this inconvenience? I wonder how much the state pays to have it's Highway Patrolmen sit there with their lights running to babysit a trucker who didn't bother reading the signs?
I didn't really expect anything to come of this, but I felt better having gotten it off my chest. Little did I know! Because on February 13, I received this email back from the people at ODOT saying:

Ms. (katie),

Thank you for your concern and suggestion for this location. I am forwarding your message along to ODOT's local District 5 office for consideration and follow up. This particular location sounds as if it may be under the control of the City of Zanesville, and if ODOT can not act directly on this, the district office should be able to provide contact information for the appropriate person to register your suggestion. You should be receiving contact directly from the district in reference to this matter.

Thank for using the ODOT Web site,

ODOT Office of Communications
Web Site Administrator/ Graphic Section Manager

Wow! I thought, someone is actually going to do something about this??
I soon got another email from Cindy, who said she just really might do something:

Ms. (katie):

Thank you for your e-mail. Please know that I am researching your request and will reply to you once I learn what is taking place at that location.

District 5 Spokeswoman

So I was feeling pretty darn sweet about this! Someone was thinking seriously about what I said, and was going to do research and everything! Well Cindy researched for quite a while, and I was still thinking that they probably weren't really going to do anything about it, when I got another email on February 20:

Ms. (katie):

After researching your request, I have found that placing guardrail at this location would be a last-option fix to remedy this problem. While the placement of guardrail would certainly deter truckers from turning at this location, it is an added safety hazard to motorists driving through this area. ODOT is looking to step up its efforts by possibly adding additional directional signage to tell truckers where to go. If the new signage does not work, we will possibly look at installing small sections of guardrail.

Please know that ODOT does its best to get motorists to their destinations safely and efficiently. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail/call me at (740) 323-5207. Thanks!

District 5 Spokeswoman

DUDE! Additional signage?! I was kind of indignant at this point, because the truckers are not reading the two "NO U-TURN" signs that are already up there, but something miraculous had happened just a few days before Cindy emailed me back.

(This is where the picture will go when I actually get down there and take one)

Someone, presumably acting on my tip, came along and dumped a great big pile of dirt on the muddy hole by the side of the road. And then they took 8 big orange traffic barrels and sat them up and filled in around them with the dirt. This was AWESOME! No more semis turning around!! I just smile a little smile each time I drive by, knowing that I helped get those barrels put there. You're welcome, citizens!!

And now, the reasons why I hate truckers and their big rigs, in an easy numbered list for your pleasure. Because if you like trucks then you must be stupid.

1. Because they think they own the road. This attitude causes them to be DANGEROUS! These suckers cannot stop on a dime, yet they feel the need to drive 75 miles per hour. In the rain, in the snow. It matters not, they go as fast as possible.

2. Because they don't care about the areas they are travelling through. Some wonderful thinker decided our local interstate off ramp was a good place for a Love's Truck Stop. So now we have ASSHOLE truck drivers pulling on and off the interstate at all hours of the day and night. They pull out right in front of other cars. Now the only way I can get into town is via the interstate, so I can't avoid a daily interaction with these ASSHOLES.

A. There are now TWO "NO U-TURN" signs at the intersection. When the idiot ASSHOLE truck drivers miss the entrance to the Wendy's truck lot (another nuisance), they then go down and make a U Turn. Which, frequently ends with them getting stuck, and blocking off two lanes of traffic on Route 40. DAMNIT, there is a place for you to turn around 300 feet from there, why can't you read the DAMN SIGNS! So now, there is a huge mud pit on the side of the road where these semis have torn up the ground with making their U Turns.

B. They throw, out of the windows of their cabs: gallon jugs, water bottles, powerade bottles, pop bottles, and any other bottles,

onto the side of the road. Not only is this the most disgusting thing I can think of, but it's fucking unhealthy. GO TO THE DAMN TRUCK STOP AND TAKE A PISS YOU SICK ASSHOLE BASTARDS!

C. They take up the whole damn off ramp, when they're turning left, so no one can turn right. There is more than plenty of room for them to turn left, yet they drive right up to the right side. And then they sit there, allowing masses of other semis pass, and finally pulling out when a car comes along. Which causes that car to slam on their brakes.

3. They honk and wave at me. AS if I would pull over and ask for a date. With a dirty, stupid, nasty pissing in a bottle asshole truck driver. Never, ever, ever, going to happen.

I'm sure there's more. Sometime I will go down and take some pictures of all this stuff I am describing. Keep it tuned here for more updates on how much I hate truck drivers.