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My Favorite Movies

Here is a movie review, just for your pleasure of reading. Hope you like!
Sweet Home Alabama
I finally got sick of everyone being like "oh my GOD! Have you seen Sweet Home Alabama yet????" And then looking at me like I was a hermit when I said no. So I broke down, and my roomate and I went down and saw it the other day. I thought the movie was cute, but certainly not an "oh my GOD!" kind of movie. It was funny at times, and everyone likes a happy ending, and I admit those little glass sand statues were cool. This is a horrible movie review, why am I even typing this? Even more, why are you reading this? Go to the funny part of the site! I can't believe you just wasted all this time here when there is real funny to be had elsewhere! Now shoo!!

Movies that I like which might possibly get descriptions whenever I feel like writing ones about them:
Fried Green Tomatoes
Gone With the Wind
Stand by Me
Groundhog Day
Sister Act I
Star Trek: First Contact
This is a great movie, something for every trek fan here. There are the great action scenes, both hand combat and space sequences, as well as great acting and character development. We got to see a little humor as well, which added so much to the film. It was very well written and exectued and seemed better put together than the hastily created Generations. A must see!

Star Trek: Insurrection
Another brilliant movie! I love the acting in this movie! I think I have watched it a dozen times in one week, and each time I see it something new stands out. There are some great scenes in this one, and Troi and Riker fans can finally unclench their teeth as we see some real open romance between the two. And Captain Picard takes on a great character change here, vowing to indeed use his shore leave. Don't miss!

More Soon to Come