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Stuff....that gets on my nerves

1. The word "panties"
2. The Internet connect light on my keyboard that keeps blinking.
3. When people don't correct things they've spelled wrong.
4. People who don't understand that you're and your are two completely different words.
5. Or they are simply too lazy to type the extra 'e.
6. Any song sung by Christina Aguiliara since "Genie in a Bottle". Dirrty is...sttuppidd.
7. My cat crapped on the couch the other day.
8. There are more corn chips than anything else in Conn's Party Mix. Corn chips suck.
9. Celebrities that throw their two cents into the poilitical scene. I don't give a rat's ass who Madonna wants me to vote for.
10. When I bite into a pit in an olive. Especially when the olive is on a pizza. Ruins my whole appetite because there's always that terrifying second when I think it could be someone's fingernail.
11. People who drive 40 mph on the interstate because they are just going to get off at the first exit! Nevermind the eight cars behind them trying to merge with traffic going 75mph!
12. People who run redlights whioe driving 15mph above/below the speedlimit while talking on their cell phones and fixing their hair.
13. That girl who is 15 minutes late to all of the classes I'm in with her.
14. Professors who like to intimidate their students.
15. That "I before E except after C" doesn't work for their or neighbor. I spell their wrong a lot.
16. Their, there, and they're are not the same word. Learn some damn English you little punks!
17. The RIAA.
18. Hypocrites
19. People practically stoned the Dixie Chicks to death but no one has said a word about Sheryl Crow with her big ass "No War" guitar strap, and the legions of celebrities who said that they were SO moving to Canada if GWB was elected.
20. The fact that none of said celebrities actually moved to Canada.
21. No one has invented a caffeine drip IV. Who has the bladder to handle all the coffee and Mountain Dew a person needs to sit through their required computer science class? Class One: Press the little oval button on the computer to turn it on. Argh! Who hasn't been on the computer everyday since 1994?
22. There seems to be a University policy that every class must contain an outspoken retard. Sometimes two if there is any computer work involved.
23. I don't have enough outlets on my surge protector so I have to continually crawl on the floor to unplug the speakers to plug in the scanner.
24. All men who go to my college are either: gay, married, or juvinile delinquents. *Sigh*
25. People who litter.
26. People who don't see me when I give them the finger on the interstate.
27. Dirty, nasty, disgusting, rude, irritating, oh how I HATE semi truck drivers.
28. Child abusers
29. Micheal Jackson, and the nutjobs who still support him.
30. That "There's a hometown way of doing things" car commercial.
31. All wendy's commercials with Al and the stupid guy. Damn those were enough to make me search out a nice cliff to drive over.
32. All the announcers on WHIZ radio who are sadly mistaken when they think they're funny with their stupid, not funny jokes.
33. The stupid, stuttering girl on WHIZ tv on the 11 o'clock news. Her typical newscast would go something like this: "Welcome to WHIZ news, glad to see you. Our terp, *top* story tonight involeihrs *involves* a local family who lost their home earlier tomorrow *today*. The Red Cross is looking into helping them with their tra- *troubles*. SHE MESSES UP EVERY OTHER WORD! WHY WON'T THEY FIRE HER??? WHY?????
34. When people don't see me giving them the finger on the interstate.
35. The fact that you need to be on steriods and use a pair of vice grips to get into a jar of anything.
36. The plastic wrap on anything is so difficult to get into, and sharp enough to give you a deep enough laceration to require stitches.
37. My pants are getting too tight.
38. My filtered water tastes like hose water.
39. It's 12 degrees outside.
40. I was one pin off of getting a triple in bowling tonight.
41. One of our team members is so annoying that I thought I was going to have to go postal on her before the end of the first game.
42. That fact that when you cook bacon, everything in your house, including the clothes you are wearing, reeks of bacon.
43. My PC which runs on Windows 98 locks up about every 8.5 minutes.
44. People who have nothing better to do than bitch and moan about everything wrong in their lives. Especially when they are just spoiled, rich little brats.
45. People who try to convert me.
46. When I'm walking and all of a sudden I trip.
47. When I always get a kidney infection on Christmas break.
48. People who incessantly talk during a class.
49. Those who chose not to cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze.
50. Horrible people who don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom!
51. That I can't find the flash video for "The Terrible Secret of Space" anymore.
52. Tuna salad.
52. I can't eat Long John Silver's anymore since that one time in 7th grade when I threw up all the stuff I ate from there.
53. The only present I got from my cousin last Christmas was a lovely bout of the flu.
54. A person in my family decided appropriate dinnertime conversation at Christmas this year was details about how much her dog liked to eat cat shit, and one time brought some cat shit over and left it on her porch and ate it. When asked to change the subject, she launched into a play by play of her bout with the flu, including the time she spent lying on the bathroom floor.
55. When there aren't any new shows on for the whole month of December.